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Introducing the PDQeX 2400 Automated DNA extraction from ZyGEM The PDQeX 2400 generates PCR-ready DNA in minutes.
The PDQeX is a rapid, robust DNA extraction device that can achieve PCR-ready DNA in five to fifteen minutes depending on the sample type. With a footprint of little over 200 x 200 mm, its compact size means it can easily be placed in a laminar flow hood, on the benchtop or is portable enough to be used on-site. The latest device (PDQeX 2400 pictured above) processes 24 samples simultaneously.
Workflow is hands-off, fully automated and uses disposable extractor tubes that protect the integrity of your samples and the safety of your staff.
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ZyGEM PDQeX 2400
ZyGEM PDQeX 2400

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