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NEC NEOSCAN 45 Mobile Fingerprint Device
NEC NeoScan 45
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NeoScan 45 supports multiple communication protocols including Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. As such, the device is compatible with Apple® iOS and Android® operating systems, including the latest Apple and Samsung smartphone and tablet models. Equipped with a single and dual, plain and roll fingerprint capture sensor, NeoScan 45 is compliant with the FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS) Appendix F standards. With NEC’s Smart ID biometric identification solution, NeoScan 45 adheres to NIST and FBI EBTS transmission standards.

The intuitive user interface of the NeoScan 45 guides users clearly through the fingerprint capture and identification process. Distinct color indicators provide scanning prompts and confirmation, while also displaying the fingerprint capture profile.

Convenient LED indicators show device status including battery life, wireless connection, and fingerprint capture process. Fingerprint images are confirmed as high quality by an onboard NFIQ (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality) image test prior to image acceptance. When a quality fingerprint is captured, the finger icon LED illuminates in green.

The NeoScan 45 adapts to the environment and user for unparalleled operational simplicity. If necessary, missing or scarred fingertips can be skipped without hassle. The “Add New” button streamlines the scanning process when capturing a series of fingerprints from different individuals during the same session. Collected fingerprint sets are stored on the device until downloaded via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The ease of use of the NeoScan 45 helps reduce capture errors and wrong finger sequence captures.

Built-in magnetic card swipe supports rapid demographic data collection by swiping Drivers Licenses and ID cards, as well as credit cards.

Support of multiple communication protocols, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ensure reliable connectivity for the NeoScan 45. Compatibility with Apple® iOS and Android® operating systems provide extraordinary integration and operational flexibility.

Battery life surpasses any other comparable device. The NeoScan 45 can power up to 200 scans per day and 24 hours of standby. Because it can operate with nearly all AFIS solutions, agencies are able to extend their existing AFIS infrastructure investments into the latest mobile applications with NeoScan 45.

NEC NeoScan 45
    • The thinnest and lightest FAP 45 multi-fingerprint capture device
    • 600% more fingerprint image capture than legacy FAP 10 devices
    • Forensic image quality for the cascading of searches against unsolved latent collection
    • Intuitive interface for rapidly accurate fingerprint capture process
    • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-enabled for both Apple® iOS and Android operating systems
    • Supports Mobile ID, Field Booking, and Cite & Release Workflows
    • Compatibility with most AFIS systems extends existing investments